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Inheritance Lawyer in Poland

Law of Succession
A last will and testament should not be created without professional advice and consultation. A will that is invalid or a will that has not been carefully prepared can have far-reaching consequences.

Legal heirs
If there is no will, the law will determine heirs. Inheritance law distinguishes legal heirs according to their degree of kinship in ranked order. At the top, widows or widowers and children of the testator are heirs of the first order. But parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives may also arrive as legal heirs to take their share of an inheritance. We examine each individual case to determine who is entitled to inherit and how large any individual share of the inheritance is.

Inheritance portions
Without a will, the law determines the shares in estates. We determine the share of the inheritance for each heir in the circumstances of each case.

Legal portion
A testator may exclude their children from their inheritance only in exceptional cases. Children have the right to a legal portion of inheritance. There are often disputes in regards to the amount of that portion. We support heirs to determine, verify and enforce their portion of the inheritance. In other cases, our attorneys assist in the defense against false claims to inheritance.

Execution of wills in Poland
We represent clients in the execution of a will in word and deed. As executor, our attorneys help prevent inheritance disputes and the arbitrary destruction of the inheritance.

International and Cross-Border Disputes – Inheritance Lawyer in Poland
With families often spread across many countries, it is not unusual for inheritance matters to have international and cross-border elements. Such complications can leave heirs and testators requiring expert legal guidance. Testators may be seeking answers as to how they can leave their assets to their heirs, while considering the legal requirements of the different countries involved. Heirs may question the inheritance tax and other requirements when inheriting from a relative abroad.

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