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Personal and family law in Poland

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Looking for a family law attorney-at-law in Torun, Poland?

Family law is a key area of competence at Jakub Kaminski Law Office. Main areas of expertise include:

– Marriage and Marriage Contracts
– Divorce, divorce settlement and agreement (cross-border proceedings and divorce settlements for entrepreneurs)
– Real estate management in connection with divorce
– Alimony (including alimony during marriage and after divorce)
– Child support and parental support
– Matrimonial property regime
– Adoption, personal name rights
– Child arrangements or issues such as child custody, child contact, child abduction, child residence, grandparents rights
– Injunctions such as occupational orders
– Inheritance law
– Donations and other contracts

Family law – especially when it comes to divorce, adoption, child alimony and custody – can be complex. So, it’s highly advised to consult with an expat-friendly, family law attorney who’s familiar with the Polish family law and the regulations in Poland.

We provide the relevant know-how even beyond the field of family law and are capable of Polish mediation in family law matters.


What family law cases do we work with?
If your marriage has or is breaking down you may want to speak to our family law specialist to secure early advice on how to prepare for life during and ahead of your divorce. Our experience is helping people resolve issues around finances, children, property business interests and the other complications that come with a divorce.

Jakub Kaminski Law Office is a boutique law practice specialising in all family law matters. As a leading family law firm in region, we assist with every type of family law case, ranging from a straightforward divorce, child custody dispute to enforcement of financial settlements involving international assets.
In Jakub Kaminski Law Office we aim to provide practicable family law advice that is aimed to tackle your situation in the most constructive and positive way possible. We encourage reaching an agreement where possible in order to avoid Court proceedings and help minimise legal costs.

If you wish to arrange a consultation contact us online (e-mail: or call us on +48 605 573 344 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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